What is Your Child Learning in Guidance Class?

Guidance Class Topics

Stop, Walk, Talk 

Students in grades Preschool through 6th grade are learning about Stop, Walk, Talk. These are the steps students can follow if someone is picking on them or bothering them. The purpose of Stop, Walk, Talk is that students try to handle conflict on their own first before going directly to a teacher. This eliminates a lot of "tattling" and helps students to communicate directly with their peers. Encourage your child to teach you about STOP, WALK, TALK. This is a strategy that they can use anywhere, not just at school! 

1) STOP 

The first step is to tell the person to STOP. Students learn that this is the most important step. Often times friends get into simple arguments because a friend is doing something that another friend does not like. If the friend doesn't know that it is bothersome, then they don't always know that they should stop. When a student hears STOP, there is no misunderstanding. Students learn that they have to communicate what they want from someone. 

2) WALK Image result for clipart shoes

If students tell someone to STOP and they still keep bothering them, then the next step is to WALK away. Students are to go find someone else to play with or to be around. Students learn that if they are not able to walk away from the person who is bothering them (if they are sitting by them in class), then they need to try to ignore them. 

3) TALK 

If students have tried telling that person to STOP and have also tried to WALK away or ignore them, then they are to tell an adult. Students are taught the difference between "reporting" and "tattling". "Tattling" is when they are trying to get someone in trouble and they did not try to handle it on their own first. "Reporting" is when they tried the first two steps of STOP and WALK on their own, but they need extra help from an adult. Students are instructed to go DIRECTLY to a teacher if someone is hurt or if someone is in danger. 

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