Wish List

Wish List



  • Twelve Apostles Icon set for the Chapel. ($330.00) 8X10 Plaque Click here to see item
  • Replace older desks; 
  • Seated risers & chairs for K-12 choir ($15,000); 
  • Indoor/Outdoor 3 in 1 Chair Set - 4 chairs ($239.00)


SEL (Social/Emotional Learning) Curriculum & Positive Behavior for Elementary Students State Supported Curriculum ($3,000.00)

Mrs. Patty Hatting 

  • 10 Merriam-Webster's Intermediate Dictionary, Hardcover  $21.97 each ($219.70)     
High School 

Mrs. Jacque Schmitt
Go Direct Radiation Monitor for her college chemistry class ($179) (

12 - 250 mL Polypropylene bottles with cap (Item #: AP8434) $3.70 each total $44.40
Radioactive Sources ($175) (https://www.wardsci.com/store/catalog/product.jsp?product_id=21749086)

Mrs. Ashley Langel 
4 Sphygomomanometers ($185/ea)

Junior High-High School:

  • Replace student desks ($160 each);
  • 40-45 hardcover Holt McDougal 9th grade English textbooks ($50-$100/book);
  • 20 copies of "Altaration:  The Mystery of Mass Revealed" student workbooks for 9th Grade Religion ($22.33/each); 
  • Currens 48 egg count Incubator for Hatching in Microbiology ($95.99);
  • Environmental Science Lab resources:$3,388.00 (see below)
    • Assorted beakers ($60);
    • Chemicals ($50);
    • Lead test swabs ($30);
    • 4 Thermometers ($12 each);
    • 4 Ring stands ($60);
    • 4 Mineral collections:$140; &
  • Whiteboards for Science classrooms.


  1. UltraKey Keyboarding program - accessible “in the cloud”($500);
  2. Google Chromebooks ($249 each);
    1. 6 - Mrs. Neary’s 5th & 6th grade classes ($1,494);
    2. 12 - Mrs. Chris Sitzmann’s 5th & 6th grade classes ($2,988)
  3. Chromebook Carts:
    1. 16-bay - Mrs. Hatting’s 4th grade class ($620);
    2. 16-bay - Mrs. Herbst 4th grade class ($620);
  4. Replace the Windows 7 student laptops with either Chromebooks or laptops:
    1. 4 - 1st grade (Chromebooks-$996 or laptops-$3,200);
    2. 8 - 2nd grade (Chromebooks- $1,992 or laptops-$6,400);
  5. 36 classroom projectors (purchased in 2011, currently $850 each).    

Building & Grounds 

  • Kitchen/“cafeteria” renovations (approximately $1.8 million );
  • New fine arts facility;
  • Garage for school bus & vans;
  • Repaint the main gym ($13,000-$15,000)

High School Choir

  • 40 Manhasset 48 Black Standard Music Stands @47.50 each ($1398)
  • 2 Manhasset 1910 Music Stand Storage Carts @444.25 ($888.50)
  • 5 Acoustic Shells ($3,000 each) Click Here to View

The Journalism class could use a new lens for one of their cameras. This lens would help us get more detailed pictures at sporting events for the yearbook and newspaper. The kit also includes an accessory bundle that would be useful for our photography uses throughout the school year. Since our photos tend to be used for other school use, a better lens for one of our cameras would be beneficial for not just the Journalism class, but also the whole school. 

  •  Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 is II USM Lens with Altura Photo Essential Accessory Bundle -($500) 


  • Matching score table mat in the gym ($10,000)
  • Softball dugouts ($30,000)
  • Softball and baseball scoreboards ($5,000-$20,000 per field)
  • Track repairs ($5,000-$7,000)
  • I-pads ($300 each)
  • HUDL – extra options ($250-$1,000 per sport)
  • Wellness center equipment
    • Treadmill ($400-$1,500)
    • Stationary bikes ($150-$300 each)
    • Weight balls ($20-$100 each)
  • Uniform/warm-ups ($2,000-$4,000 per sport)
  • Record boards (all sports shown in unison)
  • J-Club table cloth ($200)
  • Back-stops for softball and baseball ($6,000 per field)
  • Baseball and softball field conditioner ($2,000 per field)
  • Volleyball standards ($4,000 each)
  • Shot clock ($3,500)
  • Backboard light option to shot clock($2,000)
  • Girls golf bags – 6 ($100 each)
  • Range finders – 12($150-$300)
  • Gym floor – cost unknown at this time

A Message from The Board of Education President

There are a lot of great things going on at Gehlen Catholic School!

“You’ve seen the successes of Gehlen Catholic students through their faith, values, service, academic and co-curricular excellence, thanks to your gifts of time, talents, and/or treasures.

“From the remodeling of our great facilities to increased faculty to address students needs, Gehlen Catholic prudently invests your gifts to provide our students the best!

“The quality Catholic and academic education provided to our preschool-12th grade students is integral to maintain a strong vibrant community and world! 

“Today’s students are our future!  They might be your great-grandchild’s teacher, your local store’s retailer, CEO of a corporation, or your future priest. 

“We are calling upon continued support to finish upgrading our facilities, offsetting tuition through the Msgr. Lafferty Tuition Foundation, assisting with items on our wish, and more. 

“Knowing you had even a small part of that success is one of the infinite returns on investment, as a banker, and blessings, as a Catholic, I can think of.”

Andy and Kari (Wiltgen, ’01) Schmidt, Emerson (8th), Ayla (5th) and Kutler (3rd)

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